Peacock and Geum Kew / by Rowena Ardern

Continuing my drawing sessions at Kew has been a delight and has led to a new piece of work developed for Brockley Open Studios at the end of June details of which will be revealed in my next post. Every time I go there are new plants coming into their glory and the resident peacock is now in full Spring plumage and displaying and calling fervently . He has featured in several drawings and is one of my favourite birds . At one time when living in Silverdale , Morecambe Bay , Lancashire I had regular visits from the then farm peacocks and at one point there was a female with three male chicks that grew into impressive birds and would display on my lawn !! Delightful!

So the drawing I chose is of a bright orange geum , Euphorbia Giganticus and the beautiful peacock.


I started with the plants selecting fabrics and threads that would be relevant .

sampling for euphorbia.jpg

The peacock came next with sampling to try to capture the colour and plumage !

peacocksampling .jpg

Then came the moment of using applique to attach the bird to the background and stretching the piece ready for framing  Here is the finished piece a lovely reminder for me of times passed and the joy of creating and drawing in beautiful gardens !!

peacockandgeum facebook.jpg